'12/02/24 Extend ranking to 100th
'12/02/24 Fix Bug: "Z" type block never appear
'12/02/13 Adjust Game Level
'12/02/13 Added Sliding Time
'12/02/13 Added "Next Next"
'12/02/11 Release

As the name suggest, Hextris (Hex + Tetris) is a Tetris like puzzle game, which you can get hex handling skill easily.

At first, imagine normal Tetris like following image. normal tetris

How do you see about the image above? If you're a programmer, your brain convert tetris blocks into 2D array of 0 and 1 automatically. Yes, it's extremely natural for programmer, but I posted an image in the eyes of them just in case. convert blocks into 0, 1 binary

As seeing the array above, you may think "Ummm, binary is better than image, but it's not for human brain but for CPU. I'm a human programmer! So I need HEX!!!" express tetris by hex Okay your wait is over. The last image is tetris expressed by HEX. I have no doubt that you are feeling completely comfortable as seeing usual view. Your eyes and brain will be extremely animated and active.

Let's start! You can play well than usual tetris!!

Hex skill ranking